The inevitability of suffering appears to be the essence of what it means to be a human being. We can share our essence. Cultivate compassion. Develop a healthy self-love.


When we practice "wholeness, harmony and radiance", we discover beauty,
dignity, and inner peace.


Not by idealizing, thinking or wanting, but by engaging in art-making as a body based transformative process. As a process of validating one's life experience. Integrating all experiences. Art making as soul-making. Art making becomes a process of creating

"inner space". Discovering authenticity and the true Self. Experiencing choice.

Experiencing the preciousness of being alive, being human, being a valuable member of humanity. Opening to an often hidden, unsuspected and smeared divine inheritance.


This transformative art making asks for a safe space, a time-out sense of timelessness, and a courage of heart. Everybody everywhere can be invited in to re-discover and re-vitalize the deep human soul light from within.

And learn to face and uncover our true nature. Continuously. Moving through our demons, shadows and struggles. Moving through "trauma" and pain. "Depathologizing" the imagination as seen as mere fantasy, expressing what feels as unspeakable and invisible.
Re-framing our story. Re-igniting the inner love-light and longings. Re-claiming our humanness. Caring for spiritual and emotional needs. Remembering the indestructible God-spark within and without. Freeing the soul.


"The free soul is rare, but you know it when you see it

- basically because you feel good- very good- when you are near or with them"

Charles Bukowsky in Tales of ordinary madness.



The Process