Transformative Art in the Summer of 2019, just before the month of elul

The Joy of Living

It is the end of August. The summer is hot.

It is time for going inward, reflect and harvest beauty.


I am enchanted by the rosehip .

The redness, the fullness, the deep pink-purple flowers


This abundance radiates in the bushes in Katwijk,

around the SufiTemple, the Universel.


The golden colored cupola, the dome, crown, sun-drop shines and  draws blessings down,  and offers an openness  to nourish and cultivate the divine Light within.


I am at peace.


The hum of the earth is calling me home.

Home is where the heart is.



My heart remembers and guestions the lotus flowers I saw many on my trip in China. They flower on long stems, rising up . High above the leaves and water and mud. Being rooted in the deep mud and  washed and nourished by clear waters. They spread out huge green leaves. The flowers can be white, red, pink, yellow or purple.

Drawing, letting my heart and breath, speak silently through my hands is a way to appreciate their beauty and elegance and the healing power.

My heart remembers Bonnard (one of the Nabis) and Monet (the impressionist and his waterlillies). I am not "an impressionist", I am more "an expressionist". And I enjoy  the fullness of the decors making, wall-painting, big screens paintings, the patterns and outdoor scenery bringing "inside the house".


So, I take a big size watercolor paper and make plies, as if I could make a triptych.

Standing up. Having different perspectives at the same time, may be hiding the inside, combining the end with the beginning.....fanning and enfolding....unfolding.


Listening in. My heart is beating. The Shechinah is calling. The indwelling Presence.

I feel her life force.


Watering my soul. Remembering images, seen, received in China.


The two sides of my folded ink drawing on watercolor paper.

the three “panels” of one side

the three panels of the other side (the backside)


This is how I started:

And then later the stem and earth and sky appeared.

more leaves too.

The lotus flower and huge leaves I consider the front piece, leaving them for what it is, I start with the back side.

the rosehip flower and buds in the bushes fill my heart. And the wide wild world is opening.


On the left appears a not yet open lotus flower rising up from deep waters , and in the middle appears a flower from the coral tree:

There is still so much mystery:

The coral flower is also mentioned as Manjushri’s flower which holds up the Prajnaparamita text, of wisdom.

The lotus in the heart,” the lotus sutra” and power of cultivating compassion,  the stem as the staff, or middle pillar, vertical conduit. Connecting heaven and earth.

The nourishment of lotusfruit and roseship.


My inner reverberations of China’s lotus flowers and Katwijk Sufi Temple dunes.



How the front (left) and the back sides can unify, or contrast (right).


This is the wild summer garden of my soul.

Singing the hum of the earth. Being fully alive. In joy.

I am listening to my heart beat.

The Indwelling Presence, the Shechinah is calling.


This colorful wild garden makes the life force felt. This Presence.

The images radiate the drawing down blessings, the felt-sense of beauty, harmony and love.

This abundance.


I also want to express my respect and gratefulness to Bonnard, one of the Nabis, the master decors and garden painter. He inspired me to draw/paint my drawing, my paradise, as a screen. A full embrace. Not yet that large and wall filling, not yet.


May my short video film and the song “the hum of the earth” by Ashirah from the CD the Indwelling Presence” give joy and lots of nourishment and encouragement to shift into the month of Elul, from August 31 2019 on.