I see life as a  SPIRITUAL JOURNEY. I travel  along many divers paths and share from
lived life experience. The different fields are: Transpersonal and Depth Psychology/Philosophy, Bhuddism/Advaita/the Great Mother traditions, Sufism, (Christian) Mystics, Jewish Spirituality and the 5 dimension/Oneness consciousness.


I carry the vision of Teilhard de Chardin deep inside me: he says in "The Phenomenon of Man":

"We are not human beings having a spiritual experience; we are spiritual beings having a human experience."


And in "The Divine Milieu":

"There is neither spirit nor matter in the world; the stuff of the universe is spirit-matter.
The feminine is the most formidable of the forces of matter.


And in "Fire of Love":

"The day will come when, after harnessing space, the winds, the tides,

gravitation, we will harness for God the energies of love. And on that day,
for the second time in the history of the world, man will have discovered fire."


He speaks of "DIVINIZATION", of the human person and the world. Not as a concept,

a belief or idea, but as A VITAL PROCESS WHICH IS HAPPENING. NOW.


For me the challenge is: Can I listen and attune to this process, align with this UNCONDITIONAL LOVE-LIGHT FLOW of ONE-ing. Seeing through my thinking, willing, feeling and doing, opening into this deep LONGING (eros) inside me?? This is what

Joanna Macy coined as THE GREAT TURNING.


Which visions, stories, perspectives, principles, wisdom teachings and paradigms clarify

this evolutionary process?


My personal spiritual journey took me on an ongoing search through traditions, cultures, meeting masters and teachers.


Meeting Psychologists, psychiatrists, philosophers, educators, spiritual masters (Rollo May, Fromm, Viktor Frankl, Buber, Perls, Assagioli, Bettelheim, Johari, Bhatnagar, Alan Watts, Charlotte Selver, Eugene Gendlin, Jung and Jungians). Travelling the path of sensory awareness, resting in open awaring. Expanding awareness. Into under and upper worlds, individuating. Finding the self/Self axis.


Meeting Tibetan Bhuddism, practicing Kum Nye and Nyingma teachings, exploring Dzog Chen.

Meeting Tsogyal Namkhai Norbu. Exploring Advaita: Jean Klein's Kashmir Yoga. Meditating with Vimala Thakar. Krishnamurti. Practicing vipassana and meditative inquiry (Toni Packer). Transcending the patriarchal traditions/instructions. Centering in the feminine practices (Vajrayogini, Tara. Magic Labdrun) and appreciating Lama Tsultrim Allione's present work.

Travelling the path of contemplation.


Joining the Sufi path

First with Reshad Field, then with Pir Vilayat Inayat Khan and the dances for universal peace.

I am still a Sufi. With a western, universal open view.

Travelling on the path of the Heart. Retrieving my Divine Inheritance.


Meeting Christian mystics

Studying Teresa of Avila, John of the Cross, Hildegard of Bingen, Meister Ekhardt, St. Francis.

Discovering Thomas Merton, Henri Nouen, Matthew Fox, Richard Rohr. Joining retreats and
prayer classes (spiritual direction). Deepening the path of devotion and ecstasy.


Delving deep into my Jewish heritage

Rediscovering Jewish mystics, practices and  different schools and traditions. Discovering a feminine way in Judaism too, through working with sound, silence, movement and creative expression. Words, prayers, text and life cycle rituals can be "taken in", sensed through the skin and cells, deeply into the bones. Opening and activating the belly-brains depth. Wombing the feeling capacity and intuition and imagination. Awakening the creative spirit. Becoming a Jew "from within".

Bringing Kabbalah and the Tree of Life alife.

"The Shechinah", the indwelling Presence comes alife through my body, mind and soul.

Through prayer and meditation and deep listening and learning.

Travelling the path of returning to Source and doing  the necessary "karmic cleansing":
Teshuvah and Unification. Embodying Spirit wholeheartedly.

Rediscovering the Non-Dual way of "spirit-matter", "feeling-thinking", "imagening-gut knowledge".

Discerning neurotic suffering from authentic suffering. On being human AND being created "B'tzelem elohiem": in the image of God. Travelling the path of redemption and renewal.

More on Jewish Spiriuality: click here


Trying to find language for the Great Turning and my humble participation in it. Living this deep desire in me of light seeking the Light. Living "the Torah of Chesed", transcending (patriarchal) traditions and distilling the TIMELESS ESSENCE at the same time. Attuning to Cosmic laws (and the planets, stars, sun/moon movements) outside and inside. Let God be God, Godding through me.

Redefining and re-imagening living together. Cleansing the old paradigm: the separating, splitting, good/bad judging, striving and killing, and rational thinking. Full of arrogance and without respect for the life and self-organization and unconditional love loving through us