Carola likes to have cards made from her drawings/paintings and add meaning and depth to them.

Two sets of cards were created:

•   The large cards "colorful aging" focus on late summer (fully flowering) and autumn (falling apart/
allowing space and an after-glow). They have quotes to go with them to signify a colorful aging process. You can buy them separate or together.


•   The 7 postcard-set "Blessings from the Tree of Life" belong together. An extra card with
all the drawings put on the Tree of Life, show the flow of blessings and the motto from
Rabbi Nachman. Each card represents how Carola draws each of the Sefirah/qualities of
divine light into her life experience. Drawing and centering in Blessings.
These cards are a support for one's own contemplative practice, and a beautiful gift to give.


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