I use the word "Learning activities" in honor of the spirit of Franz Roszenzweig, who coined the word "lernen" . "Lernen" is a way of learning together, not just as an intellectual cognitive "knowing" or receiving teachings and information. In my case: not just seeing a film or looking at interviews without being able to share and question. "Lernen" is a way of learning together by questioning one's personal life while studying text and Jewish wisdom. By "taking to heart": reflecting/contemplating/receiving and sharing and deepening "the flow of life" hidden in teachings and text; hidden in ideas/words/perspectives/opinions. "Lernen" means an ongoing discovering of "identity", one's self image and perspective. Study and conversation turn into a living encounter. A dialogue. An active interchange. Letting the stream of consciousness unfold and enfold, expand and condense. The Physicist David Bohm developed this way of inquiry, this deep exploring and questioning together, further.


The documentary "To Remember To Return" and the Depth Interviews can be used in workshops, classes, presentations and other educational settings.


All the materials are meant to touch the heart, to inspire and invite healing. That calls for an interactive, direct experiential learning context.

Many theme's can be chosen to focus on, matching specific situations and different audiences. A wide variety of life issues can be addressed.

The seeing/hearing and witnessing and reflecting on the Aftermath of the Holocaust via the documentary and interviews, via the images and music/prayers can be best made meaningful by
call/response, by dialoguing, sharing and compassionate listening.


Although Carola's story is time, place and cultural/religious "bound", she touches on universal, very human and very existential timeless and placeless dynamics of "aftermaths". Serving the process of dignifying ourselves as human beings and reclaiming our human potential for "serving Life",
"choosing Live", learning to respect and love each other a little bit more.


It is Carola's hope that all her learnings and dealings with the Aftermath of the Holocaust come available for learning and healing. For instance:

• serving Holocaust education; offering inspiration for an inter-generational dialogue; working with trauma to free the spiritual vitality of soul;

• working with disrupted family dynamics in reality or inside oneself; to free the inner creative child;

exploring "the Motherline" and triple Feminine Power (the daughter/mother/grandmother, or maiden/mother/crone interconnectedness);

• to learn to complete and finish mourning and set the joy of living free; to explore authentic ways of remembering and remembrance rituals;

• to get introduced into the process of self transformation especially in the context of old almost persistent habits/patterns/survival dynamics and internalized rejections;

• for discovering the Power of Emotions in a "contained" safe way, setting "feeling and "sensing" free;

• learning to use history and one's story as an inner gateway to unburden one's heart, dig for treasures and embrace "the World Soul".

• serving "peacemaking", become a peace worker, beginning by oneself, cultivating "Facing and Blessing" as a skill. Yes we can stop and pause and cut through the vicious circle, the drama triangle;

• engaging in art-making and music/prayers, to enliven one's own invisible, hidden and undeveloped inner world, to reclaim "soul". Discovering self-healing and wholing.


The documentary can also be used in more intimate, more private or personal settings.

Carola offers body/soul based mentoring/coaching and spiritual direction.

Exploring transformative art making and prayer to open one's own story.

Finding creative ways of aging and facing one's mortality. Creating one's own spiritual legacy and seeding the future.


Carola intends to bundle all her "learning materials" into a "Travel Kit". This kit, full of tools and resources can be used for traveling through one's own story.