Rabbi Pamela Frydman interviewed Carola in May 2013. This interview is registered on video
(4 hours).
A choice of fragments is compiled on two DVD's. The In-Depth interviews are meant to complement the documentary To Remember To Return.


In DVD 1  Carola tells about her family background in the context of the Netherlands and the
Jews in history. She tells about life before, during and after the war (German occupation 1940-1945).
She reflects on the emotional impact  of the aftermath of the Holocaust and the challenges for
"the second generation".


In DVD 2 Carola deepens the process of Self Transformation. She reflects on Soul and Trauma, on the process of Art making, on remembrance and the challenge of Facing and Blessing.


You can download the pdf of the booklet which accompanies the DVD's here .

You can mail  Carola for a request to see the DVD's.

ISBN 978-908-24-681-37




Six fragments are chosen for this website in which Carola shares the process of "soul making".
She explores the process of moving THROUGH the family story, shifting out of survival patterns
and fear-based behavior and searches how to take responsibility for the impact of the
Holocaust experiences of one's parents and family members WITHIN oneself.

By cultivating compassion and choosing love-based behavior.


1. on pouring out my soul. My intention: harvesting my life experience



2. my mother's way of surviving in the camp



3.  situation after the war



4. on learning to embody unconditional love



5. on wholeness and my place in it



6. on melting and lifting up



These fragments are an example of "soulwork".

How to live through the family story. How to transmute the impact of the Holocaust experiences and survival patterns of one's family WITHIN oneself.