About this Art Book


The documentary "To Remember To Return" was finalized in 2012. In 2013 the In-depth interviews took place and a second version of the documentary, with traditional music and a slightly different ending was created. I worked on and with the in-depth interviews in 2014, wrote background articles and kept on distilling the essence of my "dealing with the aftermath of the Holocaust" project. What to release, what to complete, what to reframe, what to explore deeper?


Working on the website and deepening my connection with transformative art making made clear that I need to be more specific about "Soul and Trauma".

I am learning to listen in and letting the inside come out.

Going beyond the historical developmental perspective.

Stopping to explain or give information.

Not the actual events are "my story", but the way I learn to deal with (negative) emotions, reactivities, defensive thought patterns and hidden shadows.

That is a way of FACING and BLESSSING, a way of breathing, touching, embracing, drawing and allowing  SELF EXPRESSION. Individuation.

That is what my soul wants to communicate. This "un-doing", this dissolving of the fixity of the self identifications and defenses. This art of "moving through", this "karmic cleansing". This process of transmuting darkness into light.


Seeing and feeling into the heart of "things". No matter what.

This is about entering deeper in the STORY of the HEART.


And my art speaks my heart. And poetry and prayer texts and spiritual guidance speak heart-language. Soul language.


My art shows this dissolving and shaping, this descending/surrender/release and ascending/receiving/retrieving, and return. The journey Home. And Home is where the heart is.

My art works express the birth pangs. Birthing love and compassion.

Opening the gates of the heart. "It is Love that sets all free".


So, I decided to make an Art Book from the art I used in the documentary and the

in-depth interviews. I took out all the drawings and etchings which I consciously had embedded in the documentary  "in a prayer flow", and decided to use all the images, now, without "the story" and without "the prayer flow". Showing the images in their intensity and mystery.



Showing the Story of the Heart: the grieving heart, the angry heart, the fear full heart,

the shame full heart, the heart broken heart, the regenerating heart, the making whole of the fragmented soul, a heart in love, receiving a rainbow blessed passionate heart.


While I was working on the Art Book and refining text and structure, the outside world and its explosions, attacks, wars and horrors almost overwhelmed and stopped me (period  March/April - September 2014 ). Theodor Adorno's saying kept me going:

"Art may be the only remaining medium of truth in an age of incomprehensible terror and suffering"


It is my hope that my art invites the healing power of art in.  Remembering the human capacity to break through suffering, Instead of "losing heart", to practice the art of truth-finding, of beautifying, enriching, and vitalizing Life.

Turning "Trauma” and "the wounding” into "Soul Making” and "the grounding in Love/Light”.

May "the wounding" be made visible, be seen and felt and acknowledged, and, at the same time, may miracles of redemption be revealed.

May this Art Book become a Treasure Book, a source for self-reflection, contemplation and healing work.


The Art Book is self published and printed in small numbers. ISBN 978-908-24-681-44.

Please send me an e-mail if you would like to buy this art book.

I can send you one or we can explore the possibility of printing on demand.