Body oriented psychotherapist,

Feldenkrais practitioner, Trauma specialist. “Woman of Vision”


Practicing the art of Shifting. Towards the One.

Through deep listening, opening the gates of the heart.

Using transformative art making, breath, movement and stillness,

imagination, visual journaling, creative writing and speech.


Embodying Spirit. Empowering each other.

Carola is trained as a psychologist, communication trainer, process consultant, spiritual director and mentor.

She completed a training in movement- based Jewish leadership (Rabbi Diane Elliot) and enjoys using "embodiment facilitation" skills in prayer and meditation, for self discovery and creative expression.


Born in 1946 in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, on the ruins of the Holocaust, she devotes her life to unraveling the layers of human conditioning and suffering, digging for hidden treasures, cultivating the human potential for serving "Goodness, Truth-fullness and Beauty".


Asking the fundamental age old questions: Who am I? Where do I come from?

Where do I go to? What does it mean to be a human being? What am I doing here, now? What is my true nature? What is life all about? What is THIS?


Practicing deep listening and receiving "direct knowing". Opening to Source, she lets her thinking, feeling, creating and doing flow into a down to earth conscious life style. Contributing and enriching "life", where she can, inspiring others and at the same time being self-supportive and grateful to be fully alive in these challenging times.


She is completing the first 70 years of this life now, harvesting her life experience and enjoying the process of wholing and healing into a mature woman. Balancing, integrating and destilling wisdom. Giving and sharing and participating in caring for eachother, the world and the future. Growing into "Grandmothering" and her "Elder" years.


As a long time student of Reb Zalman and a Jewish Renewal lay-leader, she was honored as Eshet Hazon (woman of vision) and given Smicha by Reb Zalman as Minister of Spiritual Direction and Mashpiah Ruchanit. The spiritual guidance she offers is informed by Kabbalah and Meditation, Spiritual Eldering and Prayer, Sensory Awareness and Feldenkrais movement practices.


Based in the Netherlands, Carola travels widely and speaks Dutch, English, German and French.